1. A means to escape
  2. I should put on some music to do HW. Help me focus
  3. Pick a song, an album, an artist and it’s the soundtrack to your life and mood
  4. ‘Hey, have you heard their new song….”
  5. Ok, I’ve got to stop putting on music to do HW. I just keep making new playlists… This is absurd
  6. Shower music — have a dance party
  7. “I’ve never heard this before, what is it?”
  8. I haven’t heard this song in forever…
  9. “YOOOOOOOO we gotta blast this shit! did you bring a speaker?”
  10. Listening to songs from your past is time travel.

Read these two articles, watch the video, and discuss the following questions. After, write a 5 sentence gist statement of your findings/opinions. Post it on Twitter. Find one more article/a visual representation (graph, video, etc.) in your response

How have you seen the digital divide personally during the coronavirus?

How did Bard respond to this divide?

How are mental health and the digital divide related?

Going forward post-corona, what should/can we do to mend this divide?

For Shira Ovide

Salutations! My name is Aemilia Row Harbutt, I am a Y1 (Junior) at Bard High School Early College Queens, and I just celebrated my seventeenth birthday last weekend.

I’ve read a variety of your articles for the New York Times for class, and every single one seems…

For class, we were asked to look up our account data on any one of several social media platforms. I was confused at first because I had never really processed the fact that these apps record your data or that I would be able to access this information.

I didn’t…


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